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Chili Piper Unveils Distro Tool Designed To Help Route Inbound Leads

Chili Piper, an inbound conversion platform for revenue teams, launched Distro, a new platform designed to route and assign multiple Salesforce objects (leads, contacts, opportunities, cases, accounts) in real-time.

The new tool aims to help teams optimize inbound processes by empowering sales reps to route prospects and customers at optimal times. Distro is positioned to help teams create intelligent rules to help them decide which leads get routed to which rep. In addition, prospects can book meetings instantly using the intuitive technology.

“Today, capturing existing demand for a product or service, in real time, is vital; yet, ensuring each lead is routed and assigned correctly is way harder than it needs to be,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, Co-founder and CEO of Chili Piper, in a statement. “With Distro, we can help B2B sales and marketing teams automate the first step in a meaningful engagement and prevent leads from falling out of the marketing funnel. This is a crucial step for increasing inbound conversion rates and boosting revenue generation.”