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Validity Launches ‘Everest’ Tool Designed To Improve Email Campaign ROI

The Validity Everest tool from CRM data management platform Validity is designed to help marketers build, test, measure and optimize their email campaigns for improved performance and maximized ROI.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Validity Everest aims to help marketers reach their target customers’ inboxes, which provides fully integrated solutions to keep up with changes to the filtering algorithms that send campaign emails directly to spam. This is designed to help users track the click-through rates of their emails and be successful in their ability to design, execute, track and optimize their campaigns.

The platform’s capabilities include:

  • Increased inbox placements by maintaining the sender’s reputation in the search algorithm;
  • Increased customer engagement through ensured email delivery;
  • Pre-testing email capabilities that allow users to analyze how their customers read content, while placing branded emails at the top of their inboxes;
  • Marketing database hygiene that keeps a user’s database clean with verified email lists; and
  • Competitive intelligence gathering designed to help users compare their email campaign’s performance in a side-by-side competitor comparison or in the context of the broader market.

Who It's For

Validity Everest is designed for email marketers that need a complete set of tools to prepare, test, optimize and measure their email campaigns’ success.

What Makes It Special

The platform offers a fully integrated solution that leverages Validity’s data network and email certifications to help marketers avoid falling into spam folders.


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