Corporate Visions Announces Deal To Acquire WhiteboardSelling

Published: September 5, 2012

Sales and marketing consultancy Corporate Visions announced Tuesday that it has acquired WhiteboardSelling, a provider of sales-enablement technology. The purchase price and other financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

WhiteboardSelling is a fairly unique company in the B2B sales enablement space. As the company’s name suggests, it offers a cloud-based platform that sales reps can use to create on-the-fly, visual presentations. The company also provides training resources to teach sales personnel how to improve their visual storytelling skills and integrate whiteboard presentations into their existing content assets.

“88% of executive-level buyers believe it’s important that a sales pitch is framed as a conversation, as opposed to a prepared PowerPoint presentation,” said Scott Santucci, Principal Analyst and Research Director at Forrester Research. “WhiteboardSelling’s methodological approach for helping salespeople deliver more interactive conversations is a powerful complement to Corporate Visions’ messages, tools and skills offerings. Whiteboarding provides a proven approach to presenting complex and abstract information in a simple, concrete way, which drives a more natural sales conversation.”

According to Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Corporate Visions, the acquisition will complement the firm’s own sales enablement methodology and supporting tools. “WhiteboardSelling is a perfect fit with Corporate Visions’ focus on differentiating customer conversations,” said Riesterer.  “Whiteboarding is really a process of building differentiated messaging, putting it in a differentiated tool, and differentiating the delivery of that story, whether it’s over the Web or in person.”

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