Postie Offers End-To-End Platform For Direct Mail Management, Optimization

Postie is a platform that aims to automate and simplify direct mail marketing. It is designed to help marketers better manage their prospecting, retargeting and CRM engagement campaigns from a centralized platform.


Postie is positioned to provide a full range of direct mail capabilities, such as testing and optimization features and audience modeling and attribution. Using the platform, marketers can create direct mail campaigns in minutes, deploy them in hours and measure the results in real time.

Postie is designed to help marketers segment their CRM, personalize messaging and optimize campaigns. It is positioned to provide deep insights into customers and leads and deliver targeted direct mail campaigns based on attributes, look-alike models or online behavioral instances. Marketers can create campaigns with real-time triggers or dedicated, time-specific deployments.


Postie is designed for customer acquisition marketers and CRM teams.


The solution is positioned to integrate with most CRMs, websites and mobile applications.


Pricing is based on a cost-per-piece model.


Postie serves clients across a variety of industries, including insurance, e-Commerce and financial services.


Postie aims to offer direct mail prospecting and CRM marketing automation together in one platform. It is designed to provide easy-to-use tools and technology with creative testing, audience segmentation and micro campaign structures. Campaigns can be set up in minutes and mailed out the next day.


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Los Angeles, CA 90066
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