Are You Leaving Money On The Trade Show Floor?

1zuantDVTrade shows are having a dramatic revival, which is great news for marketing and sales. Why this resurgence? One word: Efficiency. Consider how selling has changed over the past two decades. Before today’s high-speed digital age, sales was typically a drawn out process. An inquiry call came in, perhaps as a response to a print ad in a trade publication. A brochure was mailed with a neatly typed cover letter. Next, a sales rep would make a follow-up call to set an appointment, which may have been the first of many face-to-face meetings to finally get the order.

Gauging The Old (And New) Of Event Marketing ROI

B2B marketing trade shows and events have evolved drastically over the years, which can be attributed to the growth in technology and the ongoing need to measure the overall impact of marketing efforts on the bottom line. This infographic from Certain spotlights how marketers and event professionals can scale the size, attendance and number of locations for their B2B events with marketing and event automation. 

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