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Brainshark Unveils Readiness Scorecards For Sales Coaching, Productivity

Brainshark, a data-driven readiness and training platform, has launched Readiness Scorecards that provide organizations with insights into the knowledge and learning progress of their sales reps, helping improve their sales coaching and productivity.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The Readiness Scorecards position organizations to track their sales rep learning data over time, making it easy to visualize and benchmark sales reps’ performance across all their learning activities. Organizations can contextualize their activity data and gain a comprehensive understanding of which sales reps are learning and which need to improve.

By using these scorecards, users can:

  • Organize learning data into a coachable context for managers to motivate sales reps and help improve their performance;
  • Monitor team-wide learning and coaching challenges and progress;
  • Compare a sales reps’ performance to their goals and fellow employees;
  • Track activities across a team, enabling managers to see who learned the most, scored the highest, finished the fastest, missed the mark, etc.; and
  • Hold individuals accountable, seeing whether sales reps have missed a course or coaches are behind on reviews, etc.

Who It’s For

The Readiness Scorecards are designed for managers and sales enablement leaders aiming to improve the productivity and performance of their sales reps and client-facing teams.

What Makes It Special

Brainshark has designed the solution to distill all readiness data from their platform and the user to create a visual format that is comprehensive, allowing them to draw conclusions based on visual numbers and data.


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