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Tools For Making Sales Methodologies Stick

While more of the sales budget goes into training, most of the lessons that sales teams should retain go in one ear and out the other. Leveraging technology can drive short- and long-term results for your sales training and reinforcement.

Integrate Live Online Video Into Your Communications Strategy

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The use of live online video as a business communications tool is expanding at an alarming rate, and early adopters will learn quickly that live online video has more capabilities than meets the eye. This executive brief highlights why 72% of business executives — according to a recent survey conducted by Wainhouse Research — prefer live online video to its on-demand counterpart.

Mobility Won’t Wait For Your Sales Force

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Many businesses face hurdles when it comes to sales enablement due to the current limitations of their internal sales systems, according to recent research from MicroStrategy. Equipping your sales team with tablets and a powerful mobile sales enablement app can potentially address these issues, but many companies are wary of the overall investment, adoption speed and various other concerns.

Next Generation Financial Services Marketing

Financial services marketers face a daunting new era as they transition from selling based on brand, referrals and networks to a more digital approach to reaching customers.

Based on the findings from this study, conducted by DemandGen Report, they are negotiating this newmarketing world, while being aware of their unique requirements and challenges. While direct mail, print and radio/television remain important marketing channels, social and mobile are  increasingly is taking on greater importance.

Demand Generation: Getting The Results You Seek

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Modern marketers are tasked with provide supporting metrics, filling up the pipeline with quality leads and ensuring ROI while maximizing budgets and resources. Many are turning to a marketing automation platform for support in handling the complete demand generation process.

The Guide To SMB Success In Lead Generation

While many small and mid-sized businesses are embracing lead generation practices, three quarters of SMBs never move beyond using marketing automation for batch-and-blast emails.

In the latest e-book from eTrigue — titled The Guide To SMB Success In Lead Generation — readers can discover best practices for successfully growing their businesses with lead generation.

Putting The Website At The Center Of The Buying Cycle

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With the purchasing process in the B2B industry becoming increasingly complex, marketers need to find new ways to make positive impressions on potential customers before they interact with a sales person. And while content on company web sites helps to guide prospects through the buying cycle, many B2B web sites are unable to provide personalized content relevant to the potential buyer’s needs.

Executive Visions On Video In The Workplace

Executives are increasingly exploring ways to leverage online video to broadcast their message to a large and extensive employee audience, along with ways to empower employees and help them meet their business goals. This white paper, titled Executive Visions On Video In The Workplace, outlines the effectiveness of online video in the workplace, while emphasizing key areas where online video can boost company productivity.