GDPR Aftershocks Show Big Impact On Contact Databases, Leading Marketers To Focus On Content Syndication, Inbound Strategies

The initial focus around the May 2018 GDPR deadline for most B2B organizations was what steps they need to take to be compliant. Now almost six months after the deadline many brands are seeing and feeling the effects on their database, with some seeing their usable contact lists dropping by more than 50% after double opt-ins and other compliance steps were added for EU contacts. Given the significant dent to outbound lists, many marketers have responded by ramping up content syndication and other inbound tactics.

Podcast: What Revenue Marketers Need To Do To Become B2B Game Changers

In a discussion with Demand Gen Report, Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate, shared some of the main qualities that he has seen have a positive impact on the growth of the industry. Vaughan also discussed Integrate’s recent B2B Game Changers Revenue Marketers Spotlight Awards, in which they spotlighted 43 marketing professionals that are going above and beyond to orchestrate technology, data and processes in their own businesses.

To check out our coverage of the B2B Game Changers Revenue Marketers Spotlight Awards, click here.

Listen to the full podcast to hear more:

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B2B Marketers’ Shift From MQLs To Revenue Requires A Top-Funnel Makeover

1Scott VaughanA growing number of CMOs are shifting their demand marketers’ focus. Simply generating MQLs (marketing qualified leads) is no longer enough. B2B marketing executives are now emphasizing down-funnel efforts that convert prospects to new customers and cross- or up-sell solutions to current customers. And, to be clear, these are not marketing technology vendors with the marketing-driven revenue slogans we have heard for the last several years. This mandate is coming directly from the C-suite.

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