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SAP Releases Data Cloud For Increased Customer Transparency And Control

Source: SAP Source: SAP

SAP, a software solutions provider, has released the Customer Data Cloud, which aims to improve customer relationships by offering greater data transparency and control. The Cloud leverages technology from Gigya, a customer identity and access management platform, which SAP acquired in 2017.

The Customer Data Cloud is designed to collect, manage and align customer preferences around data consent. It is also positioned to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which will take effect on May 25.

The cloud includes three main features:

  • SAP Customer Identity, designed to identify and engage customers across channels and devices;
  • SAP Customer Consent, which aims to create consent requests and renewals, ensure customer consent is being followed across channels and allow customers to access and control their consent profiles and preferences; and
  • SAP Customer Profile, a tool that can help centralize customer data in a unified profile that can be synchronized across sales and marketing teams.

"SAP Customer Data Cloud will provide marketers the opportunity to ask about customers' preferences,” said Alex Atzberger, President of the SAP Customer Experience, in a statement. “If customers know what personal data is being used and they have control over its use, they will be more inclined to allow that data to be used for delivering personalized content and services, ultimately improving their experience."

Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya, added that "to successfully connect with the customer, organizations need to identify and engage consumers across channels and know them better in a way that's respectful of their privacy. Businesses now have the opportunity to turn compliance into a competitive advantage."