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Act-On Software Unveils Adaptive Journeys For Marketing Automation Platform

Act-On Software has launched its Adaptive Journeys solution, which is designed to help users recognize behaviors, preferences and interests that can be used to automatically adapt messaging, distribution timing and optimal channel selection for more personalized engagement.

Using predictive intelligence and machine learning, the company states Adaptive Journeys enables marketers to better communicate with prospective customers through the right channel, at the right time, within Act-On’s marketing automation platform. Other features include:

  • Adaptive Segmentation, which can help marketers create lists of engaged contacts using data brought in from the CRM, captured via web form, or behavior insights. These segments can automatically adapt as new information is provided. The company plans to add more potential data sources in the future.
  • Adaptive Sending, which Act-On said can predict the best time to send a message to a prospect based on past behaviors and actions
  • Adaptive Scoring, which enables marketers to go beyond conditional scoring rules and automate scoring across different segments, industries and buyers 
  • Adaptive Channels, which uses machine learning to help users select the best channel to send a given message based on the individual’s previous interactions with the brand

“Act-On is empowering marketers to create Adaptive Journeys that are more personalized, one-to-one engagements that leverage machine learning to understand behaviors, preferences and interests of the recipient,” said Michelle Huff, CMO of Act-On Software, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “This, in turn, ensures that the customer engagement is more fluid and adaptable, meaning that the message, the timing and the delivery channel adapts to the customer.”