Exclaimer Reveals New Feature To Increase Market Reach & Customer Engagement 

Published: April 16, 2024

Exclaimer, the leading email signature management platform, released its latest feature, Campaigns. The new solution is designed to help brands better engage with audiences through email signature marketing.

Campaigns seeks to help organizations elevate 1:1 emails with signatures that are seamlessly integrated into multichannel campaigns. Key features include:

  • Helping users design and schedule banner campaigns;
  • A dedicated module to add banners to existing signatures;
  • Synchronizing email signature campaigns with broader marketing activities;
  • Targeting specific Salesforce recipient lists for precise targeting; and
  • Monitoring and analyzing campaigns via Google Analytics.

“In a competitive market, personalized touch points drive customer relationships and ultimately revenue growth,” said Vicky Wills, Exclaimer’s Chief Technology Officer, in a statement. “Our new Campaigns feature has been developed to support companies committed to delivering a more personalized experience with the added benefit of a streamlined workflow for marketers. Marketers can more efficiently expand their integrated campaign reach and engagement, while at the same time, IT leaders can take comfort in knowing that our commitment to data privacy and compliance means that campaigns are safely built on trust.”

Exclaimer News Flashback

Last week, the company released a market research report outlining the current state of email management, which revealed that more than half (52%) of prospects and customers leverage email as their main channel of communication — and 59% of marketers are making email marketing their top priority. The report’s primary findings revolved around the essential role of email marketing in businesses, as 92% of marketers view email as a key channel. With that in mind, those queried in the research believe that the best way to create trust with buyers is to leverage branded signatures.

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