SiriusDecisions: 90% Of B2B Marketers Struggle To Find Value In Social Media Strategy

Published: January 6, 2015

A recent study from SiriusDecisions revealed that only 10% of B2B marketing executives felt they were able to convey the business value of their social media strategy, although 95% have corporate social media accounts.

The study surveyed roughly 100 B2B marketing executives to analyze how B2B marketing leaders view social media within their organization — and how they are leveraging social media intelligence (SMI) tools to meet these initiatives. While 95% of B2B organizations have social media accounts, roughly half of these organizations are consistently

Also, only 5% of the survey respondents state they are successfully using social media intelligence tools to track and inform influencer programs.

Some other key findings on SMI adoption include:

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  • 60% of respondents have a paid social media intelligence tool in place. Of those, only 15% feel confident that they are using the tool optimally;
  • 30% of respondents are seeking an alternative SMI tool; and
  • Only 13% are using the tool to gather competitive and market intelligence.

SiriusDecisions states that the full report will be made available to its subscribers in February, 2015.

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