2021 State Of Integrated Marketing: Data Optimization Becoming A Priority To Fuel Account-Based Experiences, Personalized Content & Cross-Channel Messaging

With B2B buyers demanding more personalized interactions with brands that recognize them across channels, marketing teams are doubling down on integrated programs and strategies. As a result, more B2B organizations are stressing the need to have integrated data and messaging across traditional and new emerging channels.

To address the influx of social, chat and other expanding channels, B2B organizations are ensuring their marketing, sales and customer experiences teams are integrated with a shared data management process that helps create consistent messaging and customer experiences across all traditional channels. Organizations are also taking advantage of social media as a key engagement channel, with advanced teams creating targeted ads and content that deliver personalized 1:1 engagement directly where the buyer is.

This report will focus on the current state of B2B integrated marketing strategies, exploring:

  • How data optimization impacts integration and omnichannel operations;
  • How organizations are modernizing their content creation process with experiential marketing;
  • The role of account-based initiatives and account data in creating personalized messaging in email and advertising channels; and
  • Tools organizations implemented to maintain internal operations and external messaging.

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