2023 State Of Database Quality & Accuracy: Tech Landscape, AI Positioning B2B Orgs For Stronger Data Assurance

Although the effectiveness of B2B marketing heavily relies on the quality and accuracy of the underlying databases used for targeting and outreach, just 29% of marketers are confident in the quality of their databases. According to the “2023 Database Quality & Accuracy Benchmark Survey,” the top reasons for that lack of confidence include working with old/outdated data, lack of time and resources to implement an effective cleansing process and issues/limitations with legacy technology.

However, with 69% of practitioners planning to increase their database investments, they’re continuing to prioritize collecting key information, adding new contacts, targeting specific segments and accumulating prospective buyer behavior data. This special report will provide an overview of the state of database quality and accuracy in B2B marketing, highlighting key trends, challenges and strategies. Specific topics of discussion will include:

  • The steps needed to knock down data silos and bring all information into a centrally housed system;
  • How frequently successful practitioners cleanse and enrich their data, with a focus on the third-party partners they’re leveraging;
  • The tools and resources needed to evaluate legacy technologies; and
  • How the rapid growth of AI and automation solutions — such as predictive analytics and machine learning — are playing a crucial role in maintaining database quality.

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