2024 CMO Outlook Guide: Marketing Leaders Embracing AI, Diversifying Content & Prioritizing Tech

When thinking back to 2023, some words that come to mind are volatile, rocky and uncertain. Despite delivering several blows to morale and budgets, high-level B2B marketing executives capitalized on the limited resources available in 2023 to keep their teams’ spirits high and continue delivering high-performing marketing campaigns. Now that we’ve entered a new year, marketing executives are preparing to reclaim the land by embracing new technologies, phasing out outdated systems and adapting to changing buyer behaviors.

As marketing leaders aggressively start rebuilding their foundations, they’re also focusing on improving internal operations and enhancing existing strategies to help their businesses thrive in the new year. To better understand the current B2B landscape and examine their goals throughout the new year, the “2024 CMO Outlook Guide” queried six marketing leaders to uncover:

  • The latest advancements in digital technologies reshaping B2B interactions;
  • The steps they’re taking to understand, meet and even exceed changing buyer expectations;
  • The impact of interactive and immersive content formats;
  • The steps they’re taking to build a diverse and inclusive workforce and how they’re demonstrating those values to prospects and buyers;
  • The increasing role of AI and machine-learning, with insights into how they’re harnessing them and incorporating them into business practices; and
  • A forward-looking view into their 2024 goals, strategies and priorities.

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