State Of SMS/Texting Capabilities: Crafting Short & Sweet Sends Through Generative AI

The power of mobile outreach is quickly being realized in the B2B market: In a 2022 survey, one-third of marketers said they prioritized SMS/text messaging as an important delivery channel, compared to a mere 10% in 2021. That staggering adoption is reflected in prospects’ desires as well, considering buyers are 4.5X more likely to reply to an SMS message than an email.

But marketers can’t simply “LOL” or “WTF” their way to success; instead, mobile messaging must serve as an additional touchpoint within existing campaigns to further guide prospects in their buying journey. In this report, we’ll analyze the current state of SMS/text messaging in B2B marketing and sales by leveraging expert insights and focusing on topics such as:

  • How to seamlessly fold text messaging into multichannel strategies to generate more engagement;
  • An analysis of the best times to deploy text messaging throughout the sales funnel, along with the content that resonates most strongly with recipients;
  • How to differentiate SMS messages from traditional robotic outreach by relying on emojis, GIFs and more; and
  • The tools, technologies and artificial intelligence practitioners are relying on to power their text messaging campaigns and fuel trigger-based outreach sequences.

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