The Principles Of Pipeline Velocity

Due to the rise of revenue operations (RevOps) and a deeper focus on account engagement, B2B teams are pivoting from top-of-funnel, “activity”-based metrics to prioritize revenue-generated opportunities (47%) over MQLs (37%). Successful revenue teams are collaboratively tracking prospect engagement and advancing buyers through key funnel stages by tightening the lens on conversion rates and velocity.

As more progressive organizations examine how long it takes key accounts to get to the opportunity stage, they’re leveraging a crystal-clear focus on the buyer’s journey, effective communication and well-defined sales processes. Through case studies and expert insights, this special report will analyze the principles of pipeline velocity and examine how practitioners can make their revenue generation activities more efficient. Specific topics of discussion will include:

  • The factors behind the shift to prioritizing revenue-generated opportunities, with a focus on the role content plays;
  • How sales and marketing teams are working collaboratively to enable buying teams to easily access the tools and information they need, when they need it;
  • The touchpoints and triggers that are accelerating accounts from consideration to closed; and
  • An inside look at the tools and processes companies are leveraging to address pipeline velocity.

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