The State Of Integrated Marketing In B2B

Integrated marketing has rapidly become an essential strategy for B2B marketers. By implementing an orchestrated series of tactics across a broad range of channels, an integrated marketing campaign can be one of the most effective ways to engage prospects and move them along their purchase journey.

A new study from Demand Gen Report and True Influence found that while the majority of marketers see the benefits of integrated marketing and are embracing the strategy, many challenges to successful execution remain. The State of Integrated Marketing in B2B reveals that a sizable majority of B2B companies are currently using integrated marketing, and those who currently don’t use it plan to within the next 12 months. However, a much smaller number of marketers are confident in their understanding and execution of integrated marketing initiatives.

This report provides a closer look at the survey findings, including:

  • Marketers’ understanding of integrated marketing;
  • The key goals companies seek to accomplish with integrated marketing;
  • The biggest challenges to successful integrated marketing;
  • The most useful tools for executing an integrated marketing strategy;
  • How integrated marketing is used to support ABM;
  • The channels and tactics being leveraged in integrated marketing;
  • Which stages of engagement are the focus of integrated marketing initiatives;
  • How marketers measure integrated marketing results; and
  • How intent signals can enhance the success of integrated marketing.

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