What’s Working In Intent-Based Strategies? Orgs Focusing On Lead Scoring; 3rd-Party Integrations


Intent data is marketers’ crystal ball into granular insights about customer and prospect behaviors — but the data is only as strong as its collection methods. Unfortunately, more than one-third of marketers indicated that buyer intent insights accounted for the biggest gaps in the contact information they collect.

Despite those troubles, marketers are still going all-in on intent: 65% of B2B companies are looking to invest more in buyer intent data throughout 2023. This special report will discuss how modern practitioners are approaching their intent-based strategies through a focus on topics such as:

  • How successful marketers are infusing first- and third-party data to create a comprehensive view of buyer intent, plus how they’re leveraging it throughout the buyer’s journey;
  • The steps marketers are taking to ensure intent monitoring and collection aligns with privacy regulations;
  • The top methods used to collect intent data, as well as how/where marketers are storing it to promote maximum efficiency across the organization; and
  • The tools and technologies practitioners are utilizing to fuel their intent collection and implementation.

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