Sales Acceleration With Tellwise

Published: January 6, 2015

Tellwise is a sales acceleration platform designed to enable sellers and buyers to collaborate in real-time across any device and platform.


The platform combines email, instant messaging and social media in a single location, intended to provide B2B sales reps with the tools they need to engage prospective buyers at the right place — at the right time.

Users are also positioned to promote content via social channels to drive more leads and awareness, all from the same place.


Tellwise is Salesforce compatible.

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Current Users

Some of Tellwise’s clients include:

  • Microsoft;
  • Rainmaker; and
  • SMB Suite.



Pricing starts at $29 per month. Contact the company for an enterprise quote.

Competitive Positioning

The platform comes with notification capabilities that immediately inform sales reps when prospects are viewing content, allowing the rep to timely engage prospects in a relevant way. Share messages and content with the prospect using their private portal with as many decision makers or subject matter experts as required.

Tellwise is also positioned to provide detailed analytics of all of a user’s prospect traffic and behavior, offering insights into how prospective buyers became interested in the user’s brand. The platform can also allow users to test different content with different prospects and accurately measure results to maximize impact.

Contact Information


9 Lake Bellevue Drive, Suite 213

Bellevue, WA 98005


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