SiftHub’s AI Platforms Works To Centralize Scattered Content For Sales Teams

Published: May 29, 2024

SiftHub is an AI platform designed to act as a central hub to collate and sift through content scattered across multiple repositories and tools. Through knowledge discovery and automated response creation, SiftHub seeks to help sales and pre-sales teams improve win rates and close deals faster.

Solution Overview

SiftHub’s AI platform works to help sales teams discover up-to-date information and generate accurate responses grounded in company knowledge. With its project management and seamless workflow automation capabilities, the platform helps streamline collaboration between teams as they complete infosec questionnaires, vendor assessment forms, RFPs and RFIs.

SiftHub’s Back-Of-The-Box Details

SiftHub features one-click integrations with workplace apps such as CRMs, content repositories, Knowledge Base and more to bring all enterprise knowledge into a single, accessible hub. The platform includes unified semantic search capabilities alongside RAG technology and fine-tuned LLMs with industry-specific knowledge training.

Who It’s For

According to the company, SiftHub helps:

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  • Ensure sales responses sent to clients are accurate;
  • Create tailored or targeted responses for each prospect or client with personalization around their industry, region, product category and more;
  • Centralize company information that’s scattered across multiple tools like Slack, Gmail, Confluence, Drive, Salesforce and more; and
  • Eliminate legacy tools.

What Makes It Special

SiftHub uses multiple LLM models and fine-tunes/retrains them so they fit each users’ unique business needs. The platform also allows users to stay within the tools they’re familiar working on and avoid alt-tabbing their way through multiple windows via out-of-box integrations with workplace apps such as Drive, Sharepoint, Box, Confluence, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Gmail and OneDrive.


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