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Conversica Reveals New Conversational ABM Integration With 6sense

Conversica, Inc., a provider of conversational AI solutions, enhanced its Conversational ABM platform through a new integration with account engagement platform 6sense. The partnership seeks to enable Conversica AI Assistants to tap into 6sense’s account and intent data to help marketers identify target accounts and tailor two-way, humanlike conversations.

Conversica’s Conversational ABM solution is designed to personalize messaging with testimonials, pain points and use cases. The 6sense integration seeks to automatically route contacts to the most relevant conversation based on industry, persona and buying stage. The dialog is then further personalized based on contact details from 6sense.

“We’re ultimately helping companies to reap the full value of their ABM investments,” said Mark Jancola, Chief Development Officer of Conversica, in a statement. “ABM vendors provide a wealth of information that marketing and sales (and eventually customer success) teams want to use to personalize communications, but are unfortunately unable to do so due to bandwidth limitations. By bringing our two solutions together, we’re able to action these insights at scale, provide contacts with the most relevant message and turn interest into direct sales conversations that would otherwise be impossible without a digital team member.”