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Pricefx Aims To Improve Sales Pricing Efficiency & Increase Profitability

B2B pricing and SaaS software Pricefx provides flexible price management functions to help users change and test pricing strategies on multiple levels and in real-time for improved efficiency and profitability.

Back-Of-The-Box Details 

Pricefx aims to help users spend less time providing buyers with a quote and contract by improving operational efficiency through pricing optimization, analytics and management capabilities.

The solution leverages AI-powered insights to analyze historical customer transaction data, which allows users to uncover potential profit drivers and set target prices that increase deal closed rates and shorter sales cycles. Users can also manage their deal planning workflows through fully automated quoting and approval technology for optimized time-to-value, increased profitability and enhanced margin control.

Who It's For 

The solution is designed for enterprises who need support on smart and strategic pricing, including sales teams and pricing professionals.

What Makes It Special 

Pricefx helps its users unlock a rapid path to profit and margin improvement for its global enterprise buyers with its fast-to-implement, flexible and user-friendly SaaS solution that is designed to improve the responsiveness of organizational teams.


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