Salesforce Unveils Active Audiences To Automate Social Ad Management

Published: March 25, 2015

Salesforce launched Active Audiences, a product designed to help marketers enhance their ad targeting capabilities across Facebook, Twitter and other mobile app connected through the Facebook Audience Network.

Part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the tool is positioned to help marketers automate the management of targeted ads through Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter Tailored Audiences applications. Active Audiences is designed to help marketers manage, segment and synchronize targeted advertising with their CRM data in real time.

“Today, marketers try to show the right digital ads to customers primarily using web cookies,” said Liam Doyle, VP and GM of Advertising Products for Salesforce, in a recent blog post announcing the product. “This is an unreliable approach with extremely low engagement, especially compared to Facebook and Twitter ads.”

Active Audiences is intended to work with, which is also part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. These integrations are designed to enhance the way users buy and optimize ads targeting real-time audiences — which can be based on various events including email open rates and online purchases.

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Salesforce’s cloud strategy leveraging their targeted ad based approach will help B2B companies in the long term to convert new, known prospects, according to Jon Russo, Founder and CEO of the B2B Fusion Group. “Clients who use this service will need to overcome how the good data within their database is matched, likely through Salesforce’s social key, with Twitter and/or Facebook for maximum ad display effectiveness — since cookies are not used.”

The announcement illustrates the tighter integration seen between company-owned marketing contacts such as email and advertiser-owned contacts such as Facebook and Twitter messages, according to David Raab, founder of Raab Associates. “This is easier than doing it manually and allows marketers to perform on-going programs that would otherwise be relatively labor intensive.”

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