SAVO Launches Social Collaboration Tool To Accelerate Sales

Published: July 17, 2012

With SAVO Teams, users can stay connected via mobile technology, and analytical dashboards provide executive management the organizational and process changes designed to increase the effectiveness of the entire sales organization.

SAVO Teams is aimed at helping users identify sales opportunities within the CRM system that can be accelerated with collaboration. Once identified, the platform mobilizes the right subject matter experts, content and sales process coaching, and pushes this information into a “Deal Room” that invites the seller. By identifying the selling situation and pre-populating the “Deal Room” with experts and sales assets, sellers can focus on account activity with the support of key internal stakeholders to help move deals forward and increase sales performance. 

Designed specifically for salespeople, SAVO Teams is aimed at helping companies reduce the time spent finding knowledgeable resources across an organization.  A push engine promotes the right subject matter experts (SMEs), documents, and sales process coaching based on deal demographics. 

The platform is aimed at leveraging the entire organization’s experience and expertise by creating cross-functional teams with sales as the connecting thread.  As a result, each employee can directly contribute to revenue-generating initiatives. 

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As part of the tool, SAVO Mobile enables users to pull up the solution on tablets and smartphones to facilitate just-in-time selling. With full “Tribal Q&A” support, sellers’ questions are answered by SMEs or colleagues with knowledge of the selling situation. Sellers can leverage social collaboration by tapping into sales’ tribal knowledge to improve sales and drive greater productivity and higher close rates.

The company’s analytics and business intelligence suite, SAVO Insight, is designed to help companies determine the leading indicators to gauge the successful execution of their revenue initiatives. The new reporting system is designed to guide users to the right metrics to measure their sales enablement success and benchmark against best practices.  It also provides marketing teams with actionable feedback about the usage and value of their sales materials.

Users can schedule pre-defined reports built by SAVO based on industry best practices and the most important metrics, or build their own custom reports using a BI interface.  Companies also can view pre-developed or customized dashboards for an at-a-glance overview of sales performance.

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