2019 ABM Benchmark Survey Report

Research Shows Buying Committees Engaging And Rewarding Agility And Relevance Of Potential Solution Providers

As B2B marketers prepare for a new decade, they are increasingly aware that an effective account-based strategy will be critical to meeting their goals around revenue growth, improving customer experience and getting a leg up on the competition.

Therefore, progressive B2B organizations say they are looking for ways to incorporate their ABM learnings into their demand generation initiatives to streamline acquisition and find balance in their go-to-market strategy. They are also looking to better integrate ABM tools and tactics such as web personalization, account-based advertising and use of intent data into their core CRM and marketing automation platforms (MAPs).

Download the fourth-annual ABM Benchmark Survey to gain an in-depth look into ABM practices within the marketplace. Key findings from the survey include:

  • A stronger focus on customized experiences with targeted, tailored content to specific industries (68%), specific roles (62%) and based on challenges and needs of the account (52%);
  • Increased balance of ABM and acquisition strategies, with 40% of respondents saying they have integrated their demand gen and ABM processes to streamline marketing efforts;
  • Steady satisfaction rates around ABM initiatives, with 69% saying their account-based efforts have met or exceeded expectations;
  • Positive impacts businesses are seeing from ABM strategies, including better sales and marketing alignment, more efficient use of marketing resources, faster sales cycles and a clearer path to ROI; and
  • More involvement from different departments in the ABM process, with higher incorporation of demand gen (21%) compared to last year (14%), and customer success (44%)

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