2019 Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Survey Report

Improvements In Data Initiatives Continue As B2B Orgs Strive To Meet Buyer Expectations, Privacy Regulations

Effective database management and contact acquisition practices are the lifeblood of effective marketing and sales efforts. As buyers grow to expect more meaningful, relevant engagement and information during the buying process, companies must position themselves with the right insights to meet those expectations.

Last year’s Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Survey showed that many B2B businesses believed there was room for significant improvement in their data acquisition strategies, and this year’s survey revealed companies are making strides to address their database issues. Roughly 43% said their database initiatives needed significant improvement, compared to 51% in 2017.

Download this report to get a glimpse at the current state of B2B contact acquisition and database strategies, as well as how companies are looking to hone their strategies and processes for greater success in 2019. Topics detailed in the report include:

  • Specific data fields that are — and are not — being prioritized in respondents’ acquisition strategies, such as location and engagement data;
  • How data quality processes have improved year over year;
  • Specific detailed insights into why buyer intent and engagement are top desires for respondents’ databases;
  • The growing role of marketing and sales operations in terms of database management; and
  • The value respondents are finding in using third-party data in their go-to-market initiatives.

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