2019 State Of Account-Based Marketing

ABM 2.0: Leaders Enhance ABM Practices, Prove ROI With More Targeted Messaging & Experiences

Research shows that most organizations are still in the early stages of ABM — they are starting to see some early growing pains and challenges on executing programs and clearly tracking and demonstrating the impact of their investments. Industry experts note that we are now at a point where early adopters are looking to scale their initiatives out further due to their initial success.

Progressive B2B organizations such as SAP, WWT and more are outperforming their competitors by incorporating strategies to scale their account-based initiatives, aligning marketing and sales and investing more in targeted content/messaging.

This special report will dive into how ABM leaders in the B2B marketplace are continuing to grow their ABM programs to scale efforts and offer hyper-personalized experiences across their web, advertising, marketing messaging and sales conversations. The report will expand on how:

  • ABM practitioners focus on the processes and investments that will maximize their ability to execute and measure programs at scale;
  • Engagement with target accounts varies between leaders and laggards, especially when it comes to messaging, channels and funnel stages; and
  • ABM leaders focus on longer-term impact metrics and mid-term output metrics to measure success.

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