2019 State Of Database Quality & Accuracy Report

B2B Revenue Teams Tackling Data Processes With Effective Stewardship & Third-Party Partnerships, As Deeper Insights Boost Overall Customer Experience

As marketing and sales roles become more data driven, businesses must position their teams to collect, clean and analyze all the data flowing through their systems to provide actionable insights that can benefit the customer experience.

B2B businesses are adapting their initiatives as more and more data becomes accessible to them. However, this continues to be a challenge for marketing and sales departments. Research from Demand Gen Report shows that 16% of marketers have a very solid data acquisition strategy in place, while 75% reported that their strategy could use some improvement.

To set a cross-functional database foundation, businesses are leaning into various forms of data councils and stewards within their organizations, which are tasked with ensuring the data collected is being properly handled throughout the businesses’ tech stacks. This special report will share trends, best practices and industry research detailing how B2B organizations are tackling the problems thriving in their databases, including:

  • Understanding the foundational processes required to keep data at the highest quality with minimal resources;
  • Identifying the right “data gatekeeper” for your business;
  • New trends and priorities for intent and engagement data;
  • Where third-party data providers come into play and how they can further help alleviate data accuracy problems; and
  • An in-depth use case highlighting how a company consolidated five disparate databases to build a single source of truth.

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