2019 State Of Interactive Content Marketing

B2B Organizations Level-Up On Interactivity To Create Two-Way Conversations With Audiences

Minimal time, flooded inboxes and new content coming from every direction — it’s no wonder why B2B marketers struggle with getting buyers’ attention in the digital world. These challenges have led marketing organizations to experiment with interactive content in the past as a means to stand out from the crowd. But now more than ever, interactive content is playing a greater role in content marketing strategies as a way to engage audiences and have two-way conversations with buyers.

Dive into this special report to learn:

  • The benefits of interactive content marketing;
  • How companies like Uberflip and Prophix see success with interactive assessments;
  • Best practices for developing interactive assessments/surveys; and
  • How to leverage influencers to take interactive content up a notch.

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