2020 State Of Content Curation & Repurposing: A Close Examination On How Content Marketers Can Reach Wider Audiences & Buyers With Less

In this virtual-only world, content is more important than ever. However, withslashed budgets and small teams, creating more content may not be feasibleto keep up with voracious demand.

Results from Demand Gen Report’s 2020 Content Preferences Study showed that buyers are not only leaning even harder on content to educate themselves, but they are also demanding and expecting richer content experiences from the brands they are engaging with. Modern content marketers have long been relying on repurposed content to reach audiences with the relevant insights they need to make purchase decisions, but Covid-19 and budget and employee cuts have really accelerated the need to “do more with less.”

This special report will dive into what’s working in content curation, repurposing and distribution, showcasing how modern B2B marketing teams are reaching more audiences with relevant content.

Specifically, it will cover:

  • Current trends in content repurposing and how marketers are reimagining existing content for the modern buyer;
  • How to unlock new content opportunities from virtual events;
  • The tools and tactics necessary for successful content repurposing; and
  • How to upcycle existing content into multi-media formats such as webinars, videos, interactive content and podcasts.

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