2020 State Of Video & Interactive Content

Marketers Leverage Simplified, Personalized Video & Interactive Content To Effectively Engage Target Audiences

With B2B marketers having to go digital-only in 2020, content marketing has risen to the forefront of most companies’ marketing strategies. As in-person events stay off the table for the rest of the year and social distancing policies remain in effect, marketers have gotten creative with their content to meet their quotas.

Buyers are always looking for insights into the industry and to make authentic connections that will keep them informed and help their companies grow, according to Alicia Esposito, Senior Content Strategist with Content4Demand. Video and interactive content also allows for this creative storytelling, providing marketers with an opportunity to be relatable and engage their target audiences.

This report will provide specific insights and tactics modern marketers are employing in their video and interactive content marketing efforts, including:

  • How providing buyers with choices increases video and interactive content engagement;
  • The importance of personalizing your content for demand gen and ABM strategies;
  • The impact of simplified video and interactive content; and
  • Trending video and interactive content formats.

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