2021 State Of Intent Data: Marketers Create Intent Profiles, Curate Self-Service Buying Journeys & Nurture Buyers Post-Sale With First-Party Insights

Every marketer wants to target the right prospects at the right time with the right information.

The goal is to get in front of buyers as they research their next big investment before your competitors have a chance to drown out your message. What makes that possible?

Intent data.

The evolving buyer demands of the modern digital world are changing how companies collect and leverage intent data — for the better. As a result, organizations can access more intent data than ever before, uncover anonymous leads and create online maps that seamlessly guide prospects through each step of their buying journey.

To shine a spotlight on the untapped potential of intent data, this report provides actionable

insights, including:

  • How organizations are combining insights generated from multiple data sources to create personalized intent profiles for leads, prospects and customers;
  • The combination of intent data with AI and predictive analytics to seamlessly discover and route leads and identify a buyer’s next move;
  • The uses of intent data post-sale, such as upselling a complementary solution or circumventing potential cancelations; and
  • Solutions, strategies and best practices for simplifying intent data collection and activation processes to promote increased adoption and success.

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