2021 State Of Video Marketing: B2B Marketers Double Down On Digital Channels & Metrics To Create Engaging Video Content

In a digital-first B2B industry, video and interactive content is playing a major role in engaging buyers, especially in the awareness stages of the journey. In fact, Demand Gen Report’s (DGR) 2021 Content Preference Survey showed that 46% of buyers reported engaging with video and interactive content in the early and mid-stages of their purchasing process.

However, due to the rapid influx of video/audio content, video marketing has become oversaturated. To combat this, B2B marketers are reevaluating their video marketing strategies and looking at new metrics and channels to measure ROI and create more engaging, relevant video content in multiple channels. In addition, marketers are implementing videos in their day-to-day marketing and sales interactions for more personalized buying experiences.

This report will explore how marketers are approaching video content in 2021 and restructuring their digital strategies with video to build stronger buyer experiences. Other topics of discussion include:

  • New metrics marketers are measuring to determine the impact of video performance on ROI;
  • How marketers are transforming video content to engage prospects and accounts for both internal and social channels; and
  • The transition of podcasts for audio-only to video-centric;
  • How the Covid-19 pandemic strengthened the case for video communications; and
  • The power of 1:1 and embedded video messages in various content formats to enhance buyer-seller conversations.

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