2022 State Of Lead Generation: Orgs Turn To Hybrid Channels, Credible Digital Engagements To Accelerate Lead Gen Efforts

Lead generation blends the physical and digital worlds, even though it primarily operated in the latter for the past two years. However, as intermission ends and the curtain gently reopens on in-person gatherings, the world of lead gen is shifting once again and challenging marketers to cohesively target prospects across both in-person and digital channels.

With 63% of marketers ranking lead generation as their No. 1 challenge, marketing teams are rethinking their targeting strategies to reach buyers where they are. The door is wide open for innovative and creative lead generation approaches. This report will spotlight the most effective ways to drive and score new leads and re-engage old ones, with specific topics of

discussion with industry leaders that include:

  • The most successful lead generation channels and the best strategies to maximize engagement on each one;
  • How to humanize the lead generation process beyond form fills and into targeted outreach campaigns;
  • The must-have platforms, technologies and strategies assisting marketing teams in their lead scoring and generation efforts, including automation and ABM; and
  • Real-world examples and thought leadership content to provide context and guidance.


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