2023 Content Preferences Survey Report: Personalized, Data-Backed Content Enables B2B Teams To Fast Track Buyer Enablement, Speed Up Path To Purchase

An adept content marketing strategy is one that is treated as a living document — it must be continuously re-evaluated and enhanced to meet the ever-changing needs of B2B buyers. Yet, new research from Demand Gen Report reveals a sizable gap between the content today’s buyers crave and what marketing teams are currently churning out.

Most respondents (54%) said they are overwhelmed by the amount of content available, but the findings show that quality is far too often lacking. The “2023 Content Preferences Survey Report” delves into the types of content buyers find most appealing and what factors drive them to share content with the rest of their buying team or — better yet — engage with a sales representative.

Other topics covered include:

  • The role that various content formats play at the early-, mid- and late-stages of the purchasing process;
  • How gated versus non-gated content impacts engagement and what types of gated content buyers are most willing to register for;
  • Common issues that negatively impact the buyer’s content experience; and
  • Recommendations for how vendors can improve the quality of their assets and better organize content on their websites.

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