Accelerate to Advanced and Optimized Lead Generation & Nurturing Practices

When: Thu, Mar 8, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST – Register Today

Research shows that integrated, multi-touch B2B demand creation programs powered by high quality contact data and disciplined marketing approaches produce stronger revenue performance. But many marketers don’t feel that they’re at a stage of readiness to deploy these types of advanced programs, and those who are implementing integrated practices don’t feel like they’re optimizing them. Join Televerde and Marketo for this webinar addressing the “how-to’s” of four critical topics related to deployment and optimization of integrated, disciplined and advanced B2B lead generation and lead nurturing programs and practices powered by marketing automation:

  1. How to assess your readiness for use of advanced, integrated demand creation practices.
  2. How to leverage the highest quality contact data, relevant digital messaging, and well-timed, high-impact dialogue-based (“tele”) practices.
  3. How to broaden your utilization and enhance your value from integrated demand creation applications by nurturing current customers, recycled/dormant leads, SEO-generated leads, untouched market segments, as well as short-term and mid-term touch programs.
  4. How to accelerate your implementation of integrated programs and drive to advanced practices that produce optimized results.

Bryan Ehrenfreund, VP of Digital Strategies for Televerde
Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and Co-Founder of Marketo

Why You Should Attend?
This webinar promises to deliver a number of practical, actionable and affordable ideas and a higher level of marketing intelligence. And because you want to be a better B2B marketer!

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