Fixing Your Leaky Funnel: How To Maximize Marketing’s Efforts And Sales’ Time

The funnel is — in theory — a well-oiled machine that pulls in leads and converts them into customers in an organized and efficient manner. The funnel gives the marketing team tools to help identify when leads become qualified and ready to deliver to sales.

Companies invest a significant amount of time and money to ensure that the funnel is full, because the more leads you have in the funnel, the more sales you’ll make. However, although many organizations focus their energies on all stages of the funnel and filling it with as many contacts as possible, eventually, the funnel starts leaking, leads drop off and conversion rates become a fraction of what they could — and should — be.

This e-book offers several tried-and-true methods and best practices for:

  • Identifying where leads are being dropped;
  • Better aligning sales and marketing; and
  • Patching up the leaky funnel to maximize marketing’s efforts and save your sales team’s time to qualify more customers and seal more deals.

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