Intent Data’s Expanding Impact

The category of intent data has drawn significant interest and buzz over the past five years, as both sales and marketing professionals flocked to the concept of identifying buying signals from prospects.

Now, as B2B organizations move beyond the “shiny new toy” phase, their maturity and commitment have advanced to viewing intent data as an integral layer of intelligence in their revenue funnel and a critical component of their overall go-to-market strategies.

However, because intent data is still a relatively new tool and its utilization is spreading so quickly across revenue operations, it comes with some challenges, as companies look to normalize data across multiple sources and efficiently manage the handling of data across different departments.

In the following report, we will further examine:

  • The impact that intent data currently has on B2B revenue operations;
  • The expanding business use cases for where intent data is being integrated across strategic areas;
  • The challenges organizations face when managing and integrating intent data; and
  • The opportunities to add efficiency and increase the impact of intent data moving forward.

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