State Of Virtual Events: Orgs Viewing Virtual As Independent Channel To Promote Success

As in-person gatherings made their long-awaited return, many in the B2B industry wondered how that would impact virtual events. According to the “2022 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey,” more than 1/3 of marketers cited virtual events/digital experiences as one of their top engagement tactics, while additional research found that 61% of marketers plan to increase their investment in digital events in 2022. As such, virtual events will remain a key addition to event programs along with in person and hybrid events.

As it turns out, it’s not about pitting virtual and in-person events against each other and operating them on similar models, as each medium has its respective benefits. Instead, modern event managers are viewing virtual and in-person through two distinct, sometimes overlapping, lenses.

This special report will focus on the importance of providing immersive, interactive experiences in the digital medium to host successful virtual events. Specific discussion topics include:

  • How marketers can incorporate physical aspects into the virtual medium to promote engagement and inclusion;
  • The incorporation of interactive elements, such as gamification, to promote attendee engagement and networking;
  • How to facilitate mutually beneficial networking opportunities pre-, during and post-event; and
  • The metrics practitioners are analyzing to determine virtual event success.


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