The 2017 Content Preferences Survey Report

Content consumption habits among buyers continue to shift, and while buying cycles have grown longer and more complex, buyers—like marketers—have less time to devote to researching purchases than in the past. More than one-third of buyers strongly agreed they have fewer hours in the day to read up on potential purchases.

It’s no surprise that shorter formats, on-demand and bundled content, mobile-friendly formats and visual and interactive content top their list of preferred content assets with what little time they can carve out. Buyers are also inclined to check trustworthiness of sources, and analyst reports and third-party independent content is preferred by a wide margin among buyers.

Given their limited timeframe for doing research, buyers want to get right to the meat of content assets that will help them most in their journey. When we asked what type of content they want, prescriptive content that lays out a formula for success was the most popular type of content among buyers.

Download the 2017 Content Preferences Survey Report to learn why B2B buyers demand shorter, on-demand content to help make their purchase decisions.

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