The Complete Deduplication Survival Guide

Deduplication is one of the biggest data quality improvement processes that every marketing and sales operations professional has experienced firsthand. Data deduplication is simple in concept but can be quite complex in execution, especially when dealing with records distributed across multiple systems.

Data deduplication is not a one-time exercise. An effective dedupe program is implemented as a continuously running program. This is because duplicate records can trickle in from multiple sources, such as list imports, broken sync between systems and manual record creation.

In this guide, we’ll share detailed data deduplication how-to’s and best practices, covering what you need to consider before, during and after a deduplication project. We’ll address people, process and system issues. Download the guide to discover:

  • Detailed data de-duplication how-to’s;
  • What to consider before, during and after a deduplication project; and
  • Key considerations with people, process and systems.

Download the guide today and eliminate duplicated data from your systems!

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