The Enterprise Guide To Perfected Personalization

Several hurdles and challenges have prevented B2B enterprises from utilizing intent data to effectively provide relevant, personalized experiences on the one-to-one level.

Data from Demand Gen Report shows that more than half (53%) of marketing teams want to collect buyer intent insights on their potential customers. However, 43% said their database initiatives need significant improvement to effectively support these initiatives.

This white paper provides a behind-the-scenes look at how enterprise marketing professionals at companies such as Pure Storage, IHS Markit and Fitch Ratings are seeing individual-level intent signals have a positive impact their on go-to-market initiatives. Check it out to learn:

  • The current state of B2B intent data usage in the marketplace;
  • The challenges limiting businesses to personalize solely at the segment or account level;
  • The true role third-party intent data has in personalizing the customer experience;
  • How to stitch first- and third-party data to accounts to create robust account profiles; and
  • Where first-party intent data shines from a compliance perspective.

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