The Key Ingredient To Fueling FIRE Strategies In Sales & Marketing

IAs modern marketing and sales teams focus on accounts, their buying groups and the individual needs of the people that make up these groups, they realize that they need the right data to fuel marketing and sales efforts.

Ultimately, leveraging the FIRE methodology — an acronym for Fit, Intent, Recency and Engagement — can position B2B businesses to narrow down their focus to the right set of accounts, leading to marketing and sales plays that are easier to operationalize and execute.

Points explored in this E-book include:

  • A closer look at FIRE, including an examination of each of its steps – Fit, Intent, Recency and Engagement;
  • How B2B businesses benefit from the FIRE methodology;
  • How data intelligence impacts engagement; and
  • How FIRE fits into the ABM stack.

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