The Practitioner’s Guide To Signal & Intent Data

Segmentation, Personalization Efforts Fueled With Signal Insights & Buyer Intent Boost Account & Ad Targeting, Engagement

In order to get the right message in front of target accounts when they are actively looking for answers, B2B companies are increasingly adding other data sources to their first-party insights.

Progressive companies, such as Pramata, Masergy and Extreme Networks, are beginning to incorporate more signal data — merger/acquisition, relocation, funding, new hires and other information — along with intent data into their daily activities to better segment their database, specify their messaging to target accounts and better target anonymous visitors through hyper-personalized display advertising.

With the right signal and intent data, specialists are alerted of key milestones that can show when they should target prospects and accounts more in marketing and sales campaigns, as well as reassess messaging and reposition offers based on that insight. Ultimately, signal data can help B2B organizations segment, improve marketing and sales alignment and increase the relevancy of messaging to key accounts and prospective customers.

This report will provide an in-depth guide to incorporating signal data into your current marketing and sales initiatives, along with insights from industry practitioners detailing how to put this type of intelligence into practice within their organizations. Specifically, the report focuses on:

  • How to appropriately leverage signal data to inform segmentation strategies for top-tier accounts;
  • What signal data can do to help identify opportunities to retarget prospective customers with display advertising;
  • How signal data pairs with intent and predictive insights to provide an even deeper, holistic view of account needs; and
  • Where signal data can be obtained, as well as the questions that should be asked of signal data providers.

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