Using Intent Data To Power More Fully Integrated ABM

When most people talk about ABM, they focus on the ‘M’ out of the gate. But fully integrated ABM strategies are conceived to go far beyond being just about marketing; they strive to unite multiple strategies, tactics, channels and internal teams behind one common goal: Maximizing engagement and delivering more revenue from as many target accounts as possible.

This critical end goal depends on prioritizing the right accounts, connecting with real buying teams and acting in the right ways on the right signals. To enable the approach, it must be able to reach across internal silos. Internal teams — from marketing and sales enablement to customer success — need to become more collaborative and in sync. They need to be brought together around the same guiding information sources in order to better deliver an informed and more consistent experience across the customer lifecycle. And since intent data is one of the most in-the-moment insights a team can have, logic suggests that by integrating around it, go-to-market (GTM) strategies can become as relevant as humanly possible.

Throughout this report, we’ll identify the most effective uses of intent data, discuss best practices and peek into the future of ABM. To provide more context and insights, specific topics of discussion include:

  • How to identify and leverage reliable intent data and signals;
  • Strategies for maximizing engagement with buying groups;
  • The importance of aligning internal teams; and
  • How to utilize intent data to craft personalized interactions.

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