What’s Working In B2B Advertising?

Experts Sound Off On Growing Importance Of People-Based Targeting, Intent-Based Monitoring

As B2B buyers grow evermore demanding of a relevant, contextual buying experience, marketing teams must move away from the audience-based targeting approach often synonymous with display advertising and use the data and insights they have on prospects in key accounts to target down to the one-to-one level.

In a marketplace seemingly dominated by email, display advertising has gained a deeper appreciation by B2B marketing teams looking to stay top-of-mind with top-tier accounts and help continue their buying journey. Research from Demand Gen Report shows that the majority (68%) of B2B buyers notice ads from the solution provider they chose during the research process. Of those who noticed the winning vendors’ ads, 37% of them said those ads positively impacted their view of the company.

This report shares first-hand accounts from some of the most prominent B2B targeting and advertising experts in the industry on topics covering ABM, intent data, 1:1 personalization and more. They share their assessment of B2B advertising as a practice, while also providing tips and best practices to ensure marketing teams are positioning themselves to provide positive experiences for their buyers and drive ROI.

Experts highlighted in this report include:

  • Jennifer Toton, VP of Marketing, RollWorks
  • Marc Keating, Chief Innovation Officer, Stein IAS
  • Dave Whyte, Media Practice Lead, Quarry
  • Joanna Bittle, Agency Partner, CommCreative
  • Jon Russo, Founder, CMO Fusion Group
  • Matt Binz, Director of Digital Marketing, The Mx Group

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