What’s Working In Content Distribution & Engagement? Delivering Engaging, Thoughtful Content That Speaks To Prospects

B2B marketers are searching for ways to improve the buyer experience and better connect with key decision makers, and a well-executed content strategy is proving most effective in converting content consumption into leads and purchases. In fact, recent research from the Content Marketing Institute found that 71% of content marketers believe content marketing has become more important for their business.

As companies work to hone their focus on creating engaging content and become more strategic about how they’re delivering it, this special report will discuss the current trends shaping the content engagement and distribution landscape. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • The top channels and formats B2B practitioners are leveraging to share and promote content, as well as the tactics that are most successful for promoting engagement on each channel;
  • Insights into buyers’ changing content preferences, such as desires for smaller, more bite-sized content, interactivity and influencer/user-generated content;
  • How organizations are taking a more conversational, humanized approach to content creation, with a specific focus on the role automation and artificial intelligence — such as ChatGPT — play; and
  • The various tools and technologies powering content distribution and tracking engagement.

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