What’s Working In Demand Generation: Content Is Key As Shift From Digital-Only To Hybrid Strategies Continues

B2B organizations are growing more aggressive with their demand generation strategies in 2022 — and for good reason. After nearly two years of digital-only connections, face-to-face engagements are slowly coming back, which means marketers are forced to pivot their strategies once again for a hybrid world.

Research from Demand Gen Report’s “2022 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey” found that budgets are increasing for demand gen while content marketing has become the star of the show. However, generic, “spray-and-pray”-type content marketing is a thing of the past as the modern B2B buyer now demands tailored, customized offerings that are relevant to their specific needs.

Another heavy hitter in the new world of demand gen is, of course, ABM, with 47% of survey respondents indicating an increase in budget prioritization for the practice in 2022, just a few ranks below content marketing’s 58%.

In this report, we’ll uncover some of the top strategies and tactics that are equipping demand gen marketers for success in a post-Covid, hybrid world, including:

  • Digital experiences and webinars;
  • Personalized content destinations;
  • The convergence of ABM and demand;
  • Omnichannel demand gen; and
  • Connected TV.


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