What’s Working In Demand Generation?

Transformation and change are words that are frequently associated with B2B marketing these days. Goals and strategies are changing for marketing teams as many companies move towards a more focused approach aligned around key accounts. Media and technology continue to advance as new tools and data become available to learn to identify prospects that may be interested in your solution.

However, the biggest area of change is around buyer behaviors and preferences. Not only are buyers continuing to rely more on digital channels to self-navigate through much of the buying journey, they are also relying more on peers to find interesting information and solutions. In addition, as more Millennials join buying committees, patience for traditional tactics like email and telemarketing are shrinking.

In the following report, we’ll highlight some of the top tactics and formats industry leaders are pointing to as the recipe for what’s working in demand generation in 2018 and beyond.

Some of the topics we’ll cover will include:

  • Interactive Content;
  • Video;
  • AI and Intent Data;
  • Content Bundling; and
  • Repackaging The Classics.

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